March 26, 2023

Injured stray canine ​​discovered lying at the side of the street not able to stroll.

I’m so sorry to share sad news , Honey as we named her, has slipped away.

Her internal bleeding and injuries from the car accident were just too much for her body to take. Rest in peace, Honey. 😔

This female dog was found today a few kilometers out of the city in very bad situation. Was probably hit by car and left there helpless.

I don’t know how many hours was there lying in the mud with her body wet and cold. She was in shock and in pain and was trying to bite us in every move, who can blame her! Her injuries are very bad and vet does not give us much hope but we can’t quit on her.

One of her back legs is broken, her pelvis from the right side is broken but what is worrying us the most is the bleeding inside her belly.Will keep inform you all about her condition.

source : DAR Animal Rescue

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