March 26, 2023

Old Dog Thrown Into River for Days, Covered With Maggots, Cried to Passersby for Help

Thank you 🙏 for your kindness love and care.

How cruel the owner is? This poor beautiful gorgeous angel 👼 should not be treated that way. God bless to those who dedicated their time and effort to save this wonderful creature. Thank you 😊 once again.

It’s a really sad footage, the good woman, she looks like she deals with troubled dogs, but she does it with love and passion. Thank you for everything, and for the example you give to your country THANKS Ms Liu Li.

Thanks to everyone involved in saving and treating this sweet, elderly dog. It’s plain to see that this dog’s new mother loves and cares for dogs and will give this new addition to her dog family all of the love and kindness it needs and deserves. Thank you for your loving and caring heart. 💕

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