March 26, 2023

Unwell unhappy kitten introduced again to lifestyles. Deserted kitten crying at trash can

Thank you for saving this innocent soul, so much suffering at the beginning of her life.

So happy that she found her forever home, all animals deserve a good oneThe power of compassion. At last, one person cares about her, whether she lives or dies.

That poor kitty’s life starts to change the minute Olena picks her up to take her to the vet. What strikes me the most is that at about 8 months old, little Lilith looks the size of a 3 months old.

Yet, only 5 weeks later Lilith becomes the lively cat with bright eyes and beautiful colors.

I’m so happy to see her healthy and quickly adopted. Thank you, Olena and LFF team, for your wonderful work.

source: Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel

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